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Enter a submission into the Queensland Government’s FIFO/long distance commuting inquiry

The Queensland Government is conducting an Inquiry into Fly In, fly out and other long distance commuting work practices in regional Queensland.
This is an important opportunity to make sure Brisbane hears directly from workers and community members in the mining industry and in regional Queensland about the challenges we face.
Individuals and organisations are encouraged to make submissions. The deadline for submissions is 4pm, Friday 25 May 2015. To assist you in making your own submission we have made an online submission builder you can fill in.
It is important to specify if you want your submission or any part of it kept confidential, otherwise it will be displayed on the Inquiry’s webpage.
The scope of the inquiry is broad and it covers topics including:
•             physical and mental health impacts
•             effects on families
•             effects on communities
•             extent and growth of FIFO
•             incentives and disincentives for companies to use FIFO (eg tax breaks)
•             quality of camp accommodation
•             amount of time spent travelling to and from work.
You may cover one or several of these topics, or any other that relates to FIFO and long-distance commuting. Remember to include your personal experience where relevant.
If you'd like more information about what you might want to put in your submission, please click here http://www.ourjobs.org.au/fifo_inquiry_submission_details

QLD FIFO Inquiry