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Save our pulp and paper jobs

Dear friends,

I’ve worked at the Shoalhaven paper mill in Nowra for 20 years. But its future is under threat.

Cheap imported paper and paper products dumped here have cost Australia nearly half of its pulp and paper jobs over the last decade.

Back in 2006 there were 600 workers at this mill. Now there are only 100. Next year there might be none.

But thanks to support from the union and the community, we’ve scored some important wins to keep the mill and the industry alive. Key politicians have signed our pledge to use Australian-made paper, but more needs to be done.

The government uses a lot of paper, but only 6 of the top 22 departments use Australian-made paper.

Barnaby Joyce, the Deputy Nationals Leader and Agriculture Minister, is in charge of a department that doesn’t.

He recently visited the Maryvale paper mill in Gippsland, Victoria where he said he would “consider switching” to Australian suppliers in April next year. That’s a start but he can do better.

Please sign our petition calling on Minister Joyce to save pulp and paper jobs by immediately switching his department over to Australian-made paper.

Further, the Senate has just released a report recommending the government change the way it makes decisions on how it buys goods and services. If all of the recommendations were quickly implemented pulp and paper jobs like mine would be saved. Again, Minister Joyce needs to act.

Please take a moment to help save our jobs, our kids and our future by signing our pulp and paper petition to Minister Joyce.

Thank you,


Jack Evans

Shoalhaven mill worker and CFMEU Nowra Sub Branch Secretary

Dear Barnaby Joyce MP, 

Save Australian jobs in the pulp and paper industry by ensuring that: 

  1. You and your staff buy Australian-made paper and paper products; 
  2. Your Department switches to Australian-made paper;
  3. The Government implements the recommendations of the Senate report into Commonwealth procurement procedures; and
  4. The Government develops and implements, in consultation with unions and industry, a new paper selection policy that gives Australian paper manufacturers a fair go when bidding for government procurement contracts.

Sign the petition: